An diesem Herbst kommt keiner vorbei


12 thoughts on “An diesem Herbst kommt keiner vorbei

  1. Very compelling October light–particularly in your cabin image. I also like the sense of a daydream in the monochrome– kids tossing chestnuts. Hope you have some more of these!

    • Yes John, it was a special day. Nice light, nice clouds.
      The picture with the cabin took me quit a while. The sun was hiding behind bigger clouds. The cabin is Goethes Garden House in Weimar. Some other tourists had been around there. It wasn’t only me waiting for the sun to come. We had a nice chat about right light situations and best focal-lenghts. In the meantime some of them gave up. I didn’t. As you certainly know, patience is very important in landscape photography. I like those moments.
      Of course I do have more autumn pictures. I’ll show them later. Stay tuned.

  2. Ja, ein schöner Herbst. Bin leider mit Literatur und Worten nicht sehr bewandert, daher auch nicht Besitzerin eines so schönen Gartenhauses. 😉
    Das zweite Bild macht neugierig, kann aber nicht erkennen, was die Beiden da treiben. Falls es auch was mit Goethe zu tun hat, klär mich auf.
    LG kiki

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