Aneinander vorbei

12 thoughts on “Aneinander vorbei

  1. Bilder die nachdenklich machen. Man geht aneinander vorbei, nimmt keine Notiz voneinander. Ist leider bei uns so. Da helfen auch die schönen Blumen auf dem Tisch nicht weiter. Jeder für sich.

  2. Both, but especially the top one for me, is wonderful/painful re isolation in a crowd + empty consumerism maybe. Although there are those two people together, sitting…. 🙂

    • You are absolutely right, Rose. It has a lot to do with consumerism. It became a quite way of acting reduced to the subject, the solo consumer. No bargaining, no screaming vendors, just you and your unfulfilled needs. Cheers – KUM

  3. A pair of images that connect. The color image has uncommon depth, reaching well into the shadows of the cafe. If you’ve been working on this one you’ve done a great job. Those red flowers and placemat are wonderful!

    • John, you are absolutely right. This two had to be shown together. The job was to find them. In fact I didn’t apply too much PP. Usually I shoot RAW adjusting the highlights and white tones in ACR producing a somehow soft TIFF. Afterwords I tweak tones, contrast and colors in PSE. That’s it. In this case I pronounced the flowers a bit. They had been my eye catcher while seeing the situation. Cheers – KUM

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