Halb da

Leipzig Street Photography Ricoh GX200


40 thoughts on “Halb da

  1. Bravo! Great photo (and the rest are great, but I have to start from somewhere). I get the feeling that street photography has been losing ground, since the passing of the laws of personal privacy data. It is sad and I wonder what Bresson and his generation would have done or said about them. So it is good to see such photos.
    Maybe not the right place to ask, but do you also have such laws? And how do you deal with them?

    • Hey Vgonis, welcome at 125tel! Nice to have you here. Take the time and have a look. There is enough to see …

      Well, the law situation … If someone captured by me would ask to delete the picture I took, I would do so without hesitation (after talking to each other). I had to do so once or twice so far. Concerning the law I refer to my status as an amateur artist. The latter wasn’t of any interest so far 😉

      Sincerely – KUM

      • that’s what i find so interesting about street photography…viewers perspectives can vary a lot and may be totally different from the subject’s feeling..i found her look mysterious…whereas you felt her shyness!

        • It was the situation that made me feel that way. I heard her before I saw her and framed the picture awaiting a situation to happen. Than she appeared and we had eye contact. She wasn’t too sure what I did. This causes my impression of shyness. But light, she being only half there, arouses a mysterious look.

  2. The woman’s hand gesture really makes the picture. What is she pointing at? Or is she just holding her hand that way? Whatever it is, is hidden behind the corner. Just like the future is hidden just behind the corner.

  3. Klasse Tiefenwirkung! Mein Blick wanderte erst die Strasse entlang, bis… huch, da guckt jemand! Ein Foto wo man sich selbst als Betrachter etwas “ertappt” fühlt. Das sitzt!
    LG kiki

  4. An enigmatic picture with wonderful structure…the sort of image that can only be captured when the photographer is fully engaged with his subject.

    Would make a stunning print.

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