Drei von heute

Leipzig Street Photography Ricoh GXRLeipzig Street Photography Ricoh GXR Leipzig Street Photography Ricoh GXR


20 thoughts on “Drei von heute

  1. Thanks to Chrome, I can now understand the comments in German — or at least some fractured English equivalent thereof 🙂

    Numbers 1 and 3 are my favorites. In the top photo, I particularly like the role that hands play in conveying affection between individuals — each pair held differently from the others yet expressing essentially the same experience.

    The more I look at the bottom image, the more nice things I see. At first I was drawn to the parallel lines among human legs and the statue’s. The photo’s real strength for me however lies in the way the bent-over, contracted shape of the woman holds its own against all the other dynamic compositional elements opposing her.

    • Chrome makes the world a lot smaller …
      Thanks for the words, AG! Regarding the hands in picture # 1 you are absolutely right. I first saw the girls hands on the forehead of her father. Than I noticed the couple hugging in the foreground. I switched the camera a bit. It was pure luck and a bit of trained reaction. As processing the picture I noticed the fathers hands holding the kids. So I had a play of hands 😉
      I’m glad you studied picture # 3 closely. The dancing of legs, the stream to the left, the woman holding against the rest was my impression too as I took it. I have another one. But that doesn’t work. Lucky me I shot two of this scene…
      Greetings – KUM

      • Only two?! I would’ve taken more than a dozen 🙂
        Which raises a question I’ve been wanting to ask: Is 1:2 a typical shooting ratio for you? Not being a street photographer, I would think you’d have to shoot a lot of images of any one scene to get an image you liked.

        • No, 1:2 is not a typical shooting ratio. Sometimes I take 5 pictures and none is good. Sometimes I have time just for one picture and it’s THE one. In this case I was depending on the position of the woman. She was bending forward only some seconds. That had been my time limit. To make a long story short: Shooting ratio depends on luck, experience and the simple truth of beeing there. The latter depends on walking arround. To express it in time: If I’m out walking arround one hour i come back home with about two or three useable shots. But it’s no law 😉

  2. Excellent black and white conversion, and super quality of image. Do you use a rangefinder?
    I like specially the one with the leg, pitty the two people on the background.

    • Thanks Luisa! Hm, to me the feed an legs of the two people in the background had been important because of a certain kind of rhythm. But this is just what I see.

      I use a Ricoh GXR and a Ricoh GX200 most of the time. Both are no rangefinders. But very unobtrusive and easy to use. The RAW files are excellent. That helps a lot when it comes to b/w conversion.

      Greetings – KUM

    • Ich staune, dass es hier so ein Hit geworden ist. Wieder so ein Fall, bei dem ich anderes erwartet hĂ€tte. Aber das ist ja das schöne am Bloggen. Das Publikum ist oft kritischer und klĂŒger als man selbst. Gruß – KUM

  3. Nr 2 bekommt durch die Absperrung wieder ein wenig Zoo-Effekt. Das gefĂ€llt mir gut. Nr 3 ist fĂŒr mich DIE Szene deiner heutigen Reihe. Wenn man genau hinschaut, sieht man die kleine Metalltafel, die die Frau eigentlich betrachtet, die Wirkung ist aber eine ganz andere. Großartig! Bei Nr 1 fĂ€llt mein Blick vor allem auf die beiden VĂ€ter im Hintergrund. So richtig glĂŒcklich sehen die nicht aus.
    Schönes Wochenende wĂŒnscht dir

    • Ach die VĂ€ter. Ich glaub so unglĂŒcklich waren die gar nicht. Eher stolz. Die Kinder gucken dagegen etwas mĂŒde. Und stimmt, den Zoo-Effekt hatte ich schon mal beim “Exoten“. Da hĂ€tte ich ‘ne eigen Reihe aufmachen können 😉 Dass Nummer 3 dir und hier ĂŒberhaupt so gefĂ€llt, das hĂ€tte ich nun wieder nicht gedacht. Der Bronzefuß gehört ĂŒbrigens zu eine Plastik, die die deutsche Geschichte verkörpert. Hinten ist der Eingang zum Zeitgeschichtlichen Forum. Aber diese Informationen braucht man nicht, damit das Bild aussagekrĂ€ftig wird, denke ich. Oder vielleicht doch. Dann haben wir es mit einem mehrschichtigen Bild zu tun … Gruß – KUM

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