Drei von heute

Leipzig Street Photography Ricoh GXRLeipzig Street Photography Ricoh GXR Leipzig Street Photography Ricoh GXR


20 thoughts on “Drei von heute

  1. Thanks to Chrome, I can now understand the comments in German — or at least some fractured English equivalent thereof ­čÖé

    Numbers 1 and 3 are my favorites. In the top photo, I particularly like the role that hands play in conveying affection between individuals — each pair held differently from the others yet expressing essentially the same experience.

    The more I look at the bottom image, the more nice things I see. At first I was drawn to the parallel lines among human legs and the statue’s. The photo’s real strength for me however lies in the way the bent-over, contracted shape of the woman holds its own against all the other dynamic compositional elements opposing her.

    • Chrome makes the world a lot smaller …
      Thanks for the words, AG! Regarding the hands in picture # 1 you are absolutely right. I first saw the girls hands on the forehead of her father. Than I noticed the couple hugging in the foreground. I switched the camera a bit. It was pure luck and a bit of trained reaction. As processing the picture I noticed the fathers hands holding the kids. So I had a play of hands ­čśë
      I’m glad you studied picture # 3 closely. The dancing of legs, the stream to the left, the woman holding against the rest was my impression too as I took it. I have another one. But that doesn’t work. Lucky me I shot two of this scene…
      Greetings – KUM

      • Only two?! I would’ve taken more than a dozen ­čÖé
        Which raises a question I’ve been wanting to ask: Is 1:2 a typical shooting ratio for you? Not being a street photographer, I would think you’d have to shoot a lot of images of any one scene to get an image you liked.

        • No, 1:2 is not a typical shooting ratio. Sometimes I take 5 pictures and none is good. Sometimes I have time just for one picture and it’s THE one. In this case I was depending on the position of the woman. She was bending forward only some seconds. That had been my time limit. To make a long story short: Shooting ratio depends on luck, experience and the simple truth of beeing there. The latter depends on walking arround. To express it in time: If I’m out walking arround one hour i come back home with about two or three useable shots. But it’s no law ­čśë

  2. Excellent black and white conversion, and super quality of image. Do you use a rangefinder?
    I like specially the one with the leg, pitty the two people on the background.

    • Thanks Luisa! Hm, to me the feed an legs of the two people in the background had been important because of a certain kind of rhythm. But this is just what I see.

      I use a Ricoh GXR and a Ricoh GX200 most of the time. Both are no rangefinders. But very unobtrusive and easy to use. The RAW files are excellent. That helps a lot when it comes to b/w conversion.

      Greetings – KUM

    • Ich staune, dass es hier so ein Hit geworden ist. Wieder so ein Fall, bei dem ich anderes erwartet h├Ątte. Aber das ist ja das sch├Âne am Bloggen. Das Publikum ist oft kritischer und kl├╝ger als man selbst. Gru├č – KUM

  3. Nr 2 bekommt durch die Absperrung wieder ein wenig Zoo-Effekt. Das gef├Ąllt mir gut. Nr 3 ist f├╝r mich DIE Szene deiner heutigen Reihe. Wenn man genau hinschaut, sieht man die kleine Metalltafel, die die Frau eigentlich betrachtet, die Wirkung ist aber eine ganz andere. Gro├čartig! Bei Nr 1 f├Ąllt mein Blick vor allem auf die beiden V├Ąter im Hintergrund. So richtig gl├╝cklich sehen die nicht aus.
    Sch├Ânes Wochenende w├╝nscht dir

    • Ach die V├Ąter. Ich glaub so ungl├╝cklich waren die gar nicht. Eher stolz. Die Kinder gucken dagegen etwas m├╝de. Und stimmt, den Zoo-Effekt hatte ich schon mal beim “Exoten“. Da h├Ątte ich ‘ne eigen Reihe aufmachen k├Ânnen ­čśë Dass Nummer 3 dir und hier ├╝berhaupt so gef├Ąllt, das h├Ątte ich nun wieder nicht gedacht. Der Bronzefu├č geh├Ârt ├╝brigens zu eine Plastik, die die deutsche Geschichte verk├Ârpert. Hinten ist der Eingang zum Zeitgeschichtlichen Forum. Aber diese Informationen braucht man nicht, damit das Bild aussagekr├Ąftig wird, denke ich. Oder vielleicht doch. Dann haben wir es mit einem mehrschichtigen Bild zu tun … Gru├č – KUM

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