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14 thoughts on “Sitzen

  1. This is how the web translation managed to mangle a portion of hansekiki’s comment below: “Younger have the overview, one would like in the last picture my Very interesting as an everyday attitude generated so different moods. This is very good in this series is over.”
    This web-fractured English happens quite regularly. Can’t imagine it gets any better going in the opposite direction 🙂

    Language issues aside, I had a funny experience as I thought about this series. At first, I liked the way it captures the fundamental aloneness at the heart of the human condition. Then I decided it actually shows the opposite — the interconnectedness of life. I’ve finally concluded it does both, and that is quite an achievement Karl.

    • Hahaha, that really looks confusing. There had been a very successful film here in Germany called “Lost in translation” …

      I’m glad you found something ambiguous in my pictures. Meaning is always flickering a bit. Being the last one who want’s to transport some deeper messages, I’m open for experiences the others have while watching this kind of photography. Thanks for telling me!

  2. Nr.3 ist klasse! Obwohl ich die leicht melancholische Stimmung und Distanziertheit der beiden Personen in Nr.4 auch sehr mag. Der Baum als teilendes Element verstärkt diese Wirkung.
    Die Kleinsten haben den Überblick, möchte man im letzten Bild meinen 😉
    Sehr interessant, wie eine alltägliche Haltung so verschiedene Stimmungen erzeugt. Das kommt in dieser Serie sehr gut rüber.
    LG kiki

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