Halb und halb

Street Photography Leipzig Nikon 1 V2

125tel | Fotogalerie macht ein paar Tage Pause. Leute mit großem Bilderhunger klicken sich fürs erste bitte durch die bereits im Blog gezeigten Fotos.

125tel | Fotogalerie is taking a break. If you are desiring more of my pictures feel free to look through already published photos.

59 thoughts on “Halb und halb

  1. Do you had a Kit Kat? 🙂

    Als ich die Überschrift las, noch bevor ich das Foto gesehen hatte – das mir übrigens sehr gut gefällt – musste ich an Pfanni Knödel halb & halb denken, die meine Mama oft machte, als ich Kind war. Ich vermutete, dass deine Überschrift nichts mit Knödeln zu tun hat und dem war natürlich so ;).

    Angenehme Pause!

      • Sounds wonderful! I had a few days in the desert this weekend – a few hours from Los Angeles – and I took a million photos and left my camera on the plane! But it seems they have it, so tomorrow morning I will go back to the airport to get it. It really makes you think…

          • Oh, it WAS a nightmare – but I got it back. I admire the message you take from that experience, but really, I was struggling so hard with the idea of the photos being lost. Makes me think I should carry a portable hard drive when I travel and download daily – one more thing to clutter up my life! It’s very hard to let go. Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. hi there,

    great shot as always. i wanted to comment on colour pictures of yours that you sometimes post to say that your colour and b&w sets are distinctively different, it’s like two photographers. 🙂

    hope to see you back here blogging soon again! greetings from delhi! ciao!

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