Da mal durchgucken, das Eis aber besser aus der Sache raushalten.

Leipzig Street Photography Nikon 1 V1

33 thoughts on “Da mal durchgucken, das Eis aber besser aus der Sache raushalten.

  1. So many things to like about this photo but my favorite aspects are the distribution of the people throughout the frame, and the subtle way their hand and arm positions are in perfect balance. Love the ice cream cone delicately held while the view is taken in. Has the person walking away on the left just finished peering through the fence as well? If so, what is he or she thinking? A bit of mystery.

    Cartier-Bresson would be proud of you, I think.

  2. Ehrliches Interesse, diskret und umsonstÔÇŽ ­čśë
    Aber jetzt im Ernst, klasse Foto, ein sehr liebensw├╝rdiger Blick auf die kindliche Neugier der Erwachsenen.
    W├╝nsche dir ein sch├Ânes Wochenende und LG

    • Danke! Das w├╝nsche ich dir auch. – An dem Bauzaun komme ich immer mal wieder vorbei. Er ist hier und da auch zu sehen auf meinen Bildern. Aber so sch├Ân wie hier war es noch nie. Gru├č – KUM

  3. Hi. I love the images! You seem to have developed more of an individual style in the last year or so. I particularly like your recent pictures. Are you still shooting with the Ricoh GXR? I recently bought 2 GXR m mounts at knock down prices. I’m using voigtlander lenses as I can’t afford Leica lenses. its fun to manual focus and work with zone focusing. Thank you for following my blog mindfulphotos.org. My life has changed a lot since I spent lunch breaks taking street photos. Keep taking the great pictures. Take care. Miles

    • Hi Miles. Your comment is very much appreciated. Good to read, that my style has changed. I recently switched my gear. I’m using a Nikon V1 now. It’s a speed daemon. And it had bean cheap. But I still have my GXR, although I’m not using it that often any more … Watching your blog I’m glad you found back into photography. Your pictures still expose your strong vision. I hope you keep things going. Greetings – KUM

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