Da mal hingefahren: Lausitzer Neiße IV

Laustizer Neiße Ricoh GX200Laustizer Neiße Ricoh GX200Laustizer Neiße Ricoh GX200Laustizer Neiße Ricoh GX200Laustizer Neiße Ricoh GX200Laustizer Neiße Ricoh GX200Laustizer Neiße Ricoh GX200Laustizer Neiße Ricoh GX200Laustizer Neiße Ricoh GX200

18 thoughts on “Da mal hingefahren: Lausitzer Neiße IV

  1. To me the complexity of your rural color work is nicely counterbalanced with occasional suggestions of nostalgia and a sense that you have a yearning for open space. I like all that. I sense it in your BW urban work too– whenever there’s clouds.

    The variation between the blues in your skies in these two color groups is interesting … although for me, it tends to make me want to see the images less as a group and more as individuals.

    • “Yearning for open space”? You are absolutely right. The sky either in rural or city space stands for something indifferent. It’s there and doesn’t care.

      I saw those pictures as a series while I took them. It’s like telling a pictured story. First rule here: Not to be boring. It also has something to do with my style of posting pictures. May be I could change that. I’ll wight your comment.

      • Coming back to these images several weeks later, I realize that, for me, your rural work carries so much intrigue! I may be wrong, but rural northern Europe seems to be a somewhat neglected place in terms of landscape photography. When I look at these pictures I feel that you’ve opened a window onto an undocumented landscape.

        Unlike Asia, Africa and the Middle East, we rarely see images from the rural nooks and crannies of northern Europe. Your land is old, but you are exploring new territory.

        Happily for us, your photographs of these rural subjects are seen with an eye that is sophisticated, clever and always considering the importance of all the elements within the frame. Love your rural work and I hope you have many more opportunities for vacations!

        • “Your land is old, but you are exploring new territory.” Exactly! This is my impression too. Beyond the Alps and just around the corner there is so much to see. Nothing breathtaking. Just catch a train and you are there. I’m glad you understood the idea of this series.

  2. It really impresses me that you do such a beautiful job with color photos in the countryside, when you specialize in black and whites in the city, mostly with people – such different subjects but I see your particular point of view coming across in all of them. .

    • Hahaha, well, I struggle with color in the city, yes. It’s strange. Although I take color picture in the city it’s not really the way I see while I’m searching for characters and situations. Hm. Have to think about it. Because I take b/w landscape pictures as well. No rules … 😉

  3. Landschaft, Landvolk, Landadel und wahrscheinlich auch Landflucht. Zumindest das letzte Foto läßt solche Gedanken zu. Auf den Betrachter wirkt alles sehr heimelig, mir gefällt die Natur und auch das Foto mit dem Obstbaum im Vorgarten. Die Schlange ist toll, ist das eine Blindschleiche? Und die schöne Stimmung am Fluß, das ist ein schönes Plätzchen. Man merkt durch die Bilder, daß es dir dort sehr gefallen hat.
    LG kiki

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