Stadt am Nachmittag IX

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12 thoughts on “Stadt am Nachmittag IX

  1. As a serial cropper myself, I happen to like the first image the way it is. The picture would work fine without the half-body along the left edge, but with it, there’s an even more interesting dynamic happening. If anything, I would have cropped along the right edge to eliminate the shadow in the lower right-hand corner and what shows of the stone facade.

    Love the dog in the bottom picture.

    • It is already cropped a bit, because I hat to straighten the horizon. But I needed the atmosphere of a casual street moment. You noticed it! So the cropping can’t b totally wrong. But I do understand the aim to simplify a subject. The best way to do it right is, to discuss the yes or no in each case. In this case I leave it as it is, thanks to the critics.

  2. I love the second shot for its complexity. Regarding the cropping question above, it IS hard to decide what to do sometimes. In one respect it might seem best to crop and simplify, but keeping that walking leg and foot in the image adds to the sense of lively things happening on the street – the movement, the spontaneity.

    • Yes, adjusting pictures by cropping them slightly is not a no go. It has to be handled with care. I’m always open for advice. Pronouncing the subject must be the aim. Creating a totally new picture should not be the result. It’s no secret, specially in street photography cropping is discussed very controversial. It’s so very much related to straight photography. Cropping seams to be something falsifying. Regarding this, I’m not an orthodox straight street photographer 😉

  3. Die beiden Damen wirken wie Außerirdische 😀 Mir gefällt aber auch die Komposition im ersten, mit der stillen kopflosen Riege hinterm Fenster. Cool ist auch der Junge im 2. Foto, erst wird man von den ganzen Spiegelungen etwas verwirrt, aber der Blick verweilt dann auf dem Gesicht des Kindes, wie es gedankenverloren in der Nase nach etwas sucht. Fein! Der Ruhepol in einem turbulenten Stadtbild.
    LG kiki

  4. I like those reflection shots you sometimes take. And I really like the first in this series, but I would have cropped out the person on the left…

    • You are right. Perfect cropping is always a point of struggling with oneself. This time I decided to keep the picture as it is pronouncing the casual atmosphere. It may be wrong. Anyway, thanks a lot for your advice.

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