Pause machen III

Dresden Street PhotographyDresden Street Photography Dresden Street Photography


16 thoughts on “Pause machen III

  1. Oh ich erkenne mein eigenes Verhalten. 2. Bild links… 😀
    Herrlich diese stillen Momente in der Hektik des Tages. Der athletische Herr in Bild drei hat aber wohl einige Pausen zuviel eingelegt 😉
    LG kiki

    • Ziel erreicht: Der Betrachter erkennt sich in einem Bild wieder. Nicht als Person, sondern als Beispiel. Die Figur im Bild steht exemplarisch für savoir-vivre, der Btrachter fühlt sich da mit abgebildet. Treffer 😉

              • To be honest : yes. Circlefobia. But I keep on telling myself I’ll discover new corners in this endless circle. (Not for the moment – now I’m preparing my Photoshop lessons. There is nothing in this app that inspires me as a photographer. I find far more inspiration in learning Italian, than in trying to explain the benefits of bitmaps and vectors to my students.)….

                  • Honestly : Photoshop has only little to do with those interested in photography and its essence. But one never knows it can inspire someone to do something I cannot define yet. I do teach photoshop as a job, not as a vocation…

                    • Photography and its essence – a broad field of meaning and knowledge. I never dove that deep into those questions. To me Photoshop is a tool. Like the Camera is. It provides creativity but not for itself. That would be something else. But you have to gain perfection in using your tools. And: One thing is to play the guitar another thing is to know, how to build it. The latter is an often underrated point. It has a lot to do with creativity as well and could be a vocation. But hey, I’m not the teacher, you are 😉

                    • I am indeed, but this doesn’t mean I know just a small part of it all. I just question things and facts and ‘artists’. I’m honestly trying to be the teacher I never had. Daily….

                    • Being in daily charge of teaching I wonder how you manage to take such an amount of intriguing pictures. Lack of time and opportunities is the biggest enemy of my photography …

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