Palermo Street Photography

14 thoughts on “Schieben

  1. Das sieht nach Millimeterarbeit aus ­čśë Gut, mit den kleinen Kisten geht das auch noch. Viel Einsatz f├╝r einen Parkplatz, aber das ist in allen St├Ądten wohl gleich.
    LG kiki

  2. The way he is bent forward, with the angles of the door frame and wind shield, and
    his shirt stripes – that makes a really nice composition. Then you have his fleshy face, the beard stubble – perfect counterpoint. It amazes me how quickly you must see these opportunities and then you react and get it all.

    • Thank you very much, Lynn. It’s all about floating around. You need time for walking and you need a bit of eye-training. I saw him pushing his vehicle back and forth, got closer and closer, framed the picture and pressed the shutter. Colors and light had been perfect that day.

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