Spaziergang V

Leipzig Ricoh GX200Leipzig Ricoh GX200Leipzig Ricoh GX200Leipzig Ricoh GX200Leipzig Ricoh GX200Leipzig Ricoh GX200Leipzig Ricoh GX200

10 thoughts on “Spaziergang V

        • You are still in analog photography. That is fascinating. Because it’s so different in everything. Workflow, camera handling and even seeing. You have more shallow depth of field. I started into the digital world with the Ricoh GX200 being inspired by Wouter Brandsma. It still is es gem. It is slow, has a small sensor, but it’s a real camera and less a small computer. The user interface and operability of the Ricoh cameras is fabulous. I used to have the GXR with the 18mm module. It gave me perfect quality files. But it was a bit slow for my kind of photography. The digital GR should be perfect. But since I use zoom lenses, I’m addicted to swapping focal length between 24mm and 50mm while out in the streets. Well. I should stop talking about gear ­čśë Regards – KUM

  1. Love the football trio and the runners in the tunnel (a photograph which is perfectly processed). You have the knack for finding meaningful ways to isolate people in the greater landscape!

  2. Ich find’s immer sch├Ân zu sehen, wie s/w doch Klarheit und Struktur in’s Bild bringt. Mir gefallen auch deine Experimente mit dem “Korn”. Ist das ein Preset?
    LG kiki

    • Das war ein Anf├Ąngerfehler. Habe seit langem mal wieder die kleine GX200 am Start und nat├╝rlich gleich den falschen ISO-Wert eingestellt, also ├╝berhaupt mal einen eingestellt. Sonst arbeite ich eher im Automatikmodus. Bei 400 ISO gab’s ‘ne reiche Korn-Ernte. Aber passt ganz gut zu den Motiven, finde ich. Deshalb haben es die Bilder in den Blog geschafft. Gru├č – KUM

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