Weiter mit Kroatien


14 thoughts on “Weiter mit Kroatien

  1. I’m glad these photos have been the lead post for several days because I enjoy so many of them. My favorite is the one with the boy and hanging laundry: his upraised arms are in perfect counter balance to the drying wash. In between, there is a space of infinite possibility that can keep me riveted for hours.
    Other favorites include the image of the cat, in studied nonchalance, walking by the crowd of people, and the dockside curvy lines.

  2. Beiläufiges ganz groß in Szene gesetzt.
    Abseits sind es oft diese kleinen Momente, die die Aufmerksamkeit erregen, das gilt vor allem für das erste Bild. Aber auch die Katze hat es mir angetan. Eigene Wege gehen, das gilt nicht nur für’s Vieh, sondern auch für den Fotografen. Das Ergebnis ist sehenswert. Top!
    LG kiki

  3. Very interesting, I love your eye for the commonplace and the unusual.

    p.s. – So you’re Karl with a “K” – my son’s middle name is Carl, after my German-American father, who was Herbert Carl Wohlers (his parents came to NY around the turn of the last century). Is it typically spelled both ways in Germany, or maybe my grandparents tried to anglicize it?

    • Tank you Lynn. I’m a K-Karl. A “C” would have been much more elegant … But it’s the anglo-american version I guess. As I was in Great Britain over 25 years ago, working in a factory with some cockney speaking guys, they used to call me “Kohl”. Sounds like Karl, if you pronounce it like a Cockney. But it means cabbage in english, or even better “Kraut” . Our Bundeskanzler during that time was named Kohl too. A real “Kraut” as they said, means a real German. It was a very British pun. My attempts to change my name into “Charles” failed. They didn’t want to call the Prince of Wales for bringing some gear or urgently needed supplies 😉

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