Ja Florenz!


11 thoughts on “Ja Florenz!

  1. Fragt sich jetzt, wer hier wen beobachtet. 😀
    Solch ein Verhalten ist natürlich eine Steilvorlage für jeden Strassenfotografen. Großes Kino, Blues Brothers 😀
    LG kiki

      • This is another shot where I’m curious to hear the back story: Were you lying in wait for someone with sunglasses to come by, or was it the man’s presence that inspired the photo?

        • Thanks for asking. I saw the young guy with the sunglasses in his neck first. A nice subject. But to my taste not interesting enough. I checked the surroundings. Nothing really interesting. Only some backs of heads. Than I saw the other guy coming, wearing sunglasses the proper way. This was the scene I wanted to have. I just had to bring me into the right position until he was at the same height. That was it.

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