13 thoughts on “Frauen

  1. Das Zerstreute im ersten Bild kommt ja ganz liebevoll rüber. Ich hoffe, sie suchte nicht allzugange nach ihrer Brille 😉
    Nr. 5 mag ich sehr, es ist wohl diese Spontanität, dieser Blick nach hinten, einfach herzallerliebst. Frauen spüren sowas 😉 Ich hoffe, es gab noch ein Lächeln hinterher, als sie es bemerkt hat 😉
    Dazu noch was mit Kommunikation und Schuhen, das passt gut 😉
    LG kiki

  2. And will you do a companion piece on men? There are some really nice images here – I like Alan’s observation that the three women look sculptural – like statues. They could be another version of the Three Graces, right? 😉 The first four are the ones I like best. I always admire the range of tones you have in your black and whites.

    • I keep that in mind, to post a series about men 😉 Yes, the “Three Graces” are just perfect. In this kind of situations I’m glad to have some experience in being invisible as a photographer … Regards – KU

  3. Was this in honor of International Women’s Day? And shall we extrapolate from this series that one-third of all women walk around with their shoelaces untied?

    There’s also a fun thread running between the first and last photos: both women deeply absorbed in thought, one with her glasses askew, the other with her glasses where they’re usually found.

    Would love to see the image of three women rendered in sculptural form. It has that quality.

    • It’s purely coincidental that I posted these pictures right after International Women’s Day. No relation here. The story is: I scrolled through my archive and discovered these 6 pictures with female subjects only. That was it 😉

      Shoelaces are a clever technology but obviously not perfect …

      I have taken 10 frames of the “sculptures”. I saw them as that as well. Needed some patience to catch them right.

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