Am Wegesrand: Pfälzer Wald

Pfälzer Wald Pfälzer Wald Pfälzer Wald Pfälzer Wald Pfälzer Wald

5 thoughts on “Am Wegesrand: Pfälzer Wald

  1. You know I love these, Karl, and I’m glad to see you got away from the office, away from the city. The roots in the first photo and the arc of that bent tree in the fifth photo are fantastic. I like the way you positioned the broken tree right in the center, close to the camera, in the third photo. I am curious about the last one – what’s going on? It looks like it might be a composite of many photos. Like you wrapped up your entire day into one comprehensive package.

          • I’m sure it’s a fascinating story. It’s been interesting living out here, where logging still goes on a big scale in some places and timber was such an important industry. The evidence is clear in every forest I visit – sometimes the trees are all rather thin because the place was cut not so long ago, or more often, there are still some very large trees left, surrounded by smaller ones. There are many, many huge stumps, with the old axe cuts in them from the old method of cutting trees without motors. The giants near me are safe now, and I’m very glad. First you have to have woods, before you can begin making that tangled relationship! 🙂

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