Am Wegesrand: Pfälzer Wald III (viel Holz)

Pfälzer WaldPfälzer WaldPfälzer WaldPfälzer WaldPfälzer WaldPfälzer Wald

4 thoughts on “Am Wegesrand: Pfälzer Wald III (viel Holz)

  1. Wow, now there’s a job! As you may know, I live in a land of giant trees, where logging has been a big industry for a long time. There are lots of simialr situations here, where a land-owner chops his own wood. I think there are subtle differences in the scene though. The clothing T shirt and jeans here), the haircut (long, messy hair here), the neatness of the stacks (neater on your side of the pond) the addition of the warning sign (no way anyone would bother with that here, no way). But the end result is the same, and the way they got there is too – lots of hard work! 🙂

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