Blick frei!

Leipzig Leipzig LeipzigLeipzigLeipzigLeipzig

6 thoughts on “Blick frei!

  1. The shadows in these are great, Karl and the smooth, silvery tones are beautiful. The way the man is framed in #3 – perfect! And again, I love the way the birds appear to bridge the gap between the post office (?) and the shelter (?). I hope you know what I mean. (Was that dog thinking about lunch when he saw you?) 🙂

    • There are always swarms of retired letter pigeons around post offices. 😉 And it’s a good question, wether dogs are thinking or not. I’m not too sure. Something barking doesn’t think in may humble opinion. And to lust for food, even if it’s my leg, is no proof for anything coming close to thinking…

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