Urlaubsbilder eines Straßenfotografen (Tangermünde, Havelberg)


4 thoughts on “Urlaubsbilder eines Straßenfotografen (Tangermünde, Havelberg)

  1. Clearly you haven’t lost your touch Karl.

    About the second photograph: Does the arrow indicate where people should line up to take a picture 🙂 Curious to know what caught the attention of both photographers.

    • Hi Alan, I will satisfy your valid curiosity. They discovered a street named after someone they knew. Nothing world moving 😉
      I have to apologize again for being so lazy in terms of blogging an answering comments… Regards, Karl

  2. You’ve done it again. The first photo was taken at JUST the perfect moment. The next photo shows you’re a modern Weegee, roaming the streets and finding gems. The geometry of the third is perfectly framed. The lost expression on the woman’s face in the next photo, as she holds her special brush – it’s too much. I think you must have asked both women to pose exactly that way – “Put your feet here, your hands like this, and look that way, no, you look the other way, OK, freeze!”
    The door window reflections are nice. The man in the 5th photo seems to be waving to the woman but she’s looking the other way – it’s mysterious – another sign of the detachment you so often photograph, and you do it so well. The last photo seems to me like a celebration of humanity. From the grand to the mundane, all in one frame – it’s very touching. I see the compassion for people and their lives. It’s a pleasure being here, Karl, thank you!

    • Dear Lynn, you are describing the last picture very well. That was exactly, what I saw. Someone crafting his personal idyll shadowed by grand history. I’m sorry for being lazy here at 125tel recently. I do struggle with regularity in posting and visiting companioned blogs. But I’m not giving it up! There are still many subjects, I want to take pictures of.
      I hope you are well. Regards, Karl

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