Urlaubsbilder eines Straßenfotografen (Istrien) 2

Istrien 2 P1300090

Istrien 2 P1300488

Istrien 2 P1300124

Istrien 2 P1300288

Istrien 2 P1300404

Istrien 2 P1300309

Istrien 2 P1300541

Istrien 2 P1300232

Istrien 2 P1300186

6 thoughts on “Urlaubsbilder eines Straßenfotografen (Istrien) 2

  1. There are some gems here, Karl, and some strange ones – #3! 🙂 I like the back of the woman, too, with her hair clips and skateboarding shirt. I see these are from Croatia and it looks like the summer…today I read that the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has now warned Americans not to travel to Croatia. Of course, we are supposed to avoid the UK, too. What a world! It’s time to be done with this. (Now I’m wondering if these photos are pre-COVID). Have a good weekend!

    • Dear Lynn, COVID kind of mixed things up. Without the opportunity of being vaccinated, it was nearly impossible to travel last year. Germany released strong rules according to the number of COVID incidences. This year everything was a little easier for those, who are vaccinated. In short: The pictures were taken this year. And I was glad to get out into the south. I missed that a lot. I hope you and Joe are coping the situation calm and without any harm! Regards – Karl

      • I bet you did miss the south last year! We went back to NY in May but have no plans for going out of the country yet. We keep talking about short road trips but one thing or another comes up so we haven’t done much at all. I really miss traveling but I hope we will be able to travel before too long. In the meantime, being retired makes life easier. But are we calm? No way!! 😉
        Seriously, we’re fine and we both hope you and your family are, too. It’s good to hear from you.

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