Mal wieder eine Runde an der frischen Luft gedreht

Herbstspaziergang Weimarer LandP1012078

Herbstspaziergang Weimarer LandP1012121

Herbstspaziergang Weimarer LandP1012211

Herbstspaziergang Weimarer LandP1012106

Herbstspaziergang Weimarer LandP1012085

Herbstspaziergang Weimarer LandP1012214

Herbstspaziergang Weimarer LandP1012238

Herbstspaziergang Weimarer LandP1012126

Herbstspaziergang Weimarer LandP1012253

Herbstspaziergang Weimarer LandP1012069

Herbstspaziergang Weimarer LandP1012242

Herbstspaziergang Weimarer LandP1012028

12 thoughts on “Mal wieder eine Runde an der frischen Luft gedreht

  1. These are nice, Karl. I like the reflections in #2. The sky in #4 is like a very wet watercolor. You framed that shot so well, it a beautiful balance of grass, trees and sky. #6 is bizarre! Do people see you coming and just get into these strange positions for you? ­čśë I think #10 is my favorite here – You can see the photographer’s mind working, noticing the way the old window frame, the statue, and the chairs work together. #11 looks familiar – I was photographing a bay recently behind plants just like that one! Great minds think alike. And the missing pieces of pavement with those leaves on them in the last photo – there is something very poignant there.

    • I’m glad you like them, Lynn! Well, the people don’t see me, I see them coming ­čÖé The rest is all about balanced frames and deep grey tones. Taking black and white pictures leads me back to my first steps into photography. It causes always some melancholy. The light was corresponding that mood.

      • Balanced frames – that sums it up well. That’s very interesting about how doing black and white affects you. We all have such different experiences and responses to the environment. IT makes me wonder how going back to B&W might affect me if I could – but I didn’t do photography seriously until more recently, so it has a very different meaning. Something to think about!

        • Everyone has a different chord of photographic memories. I guess, the one experience, that brings us together, is looking through a viewfinder while framing subjects. Sometimes very fast in a first glance, often more precise. My recent experience is, that I see the pictures in advance. I see the subjects coming. But it makes me thoughtful about the lack of fresh spontaneous responses to the environment.

          • Yes, the tool is what we have in common, and the experience, to a degree. It’s nice that you see the photograph taking shape in front of your eyes and I wouldn’t worry about that being less spontaneous – if, after a while, you feel things are getting stale, then you can always find ways to shake things up.

              • Combining words and images can be done in so many ways. There’s a book that you might be able to find by American author & photographer Teju Cole, called Blind Spot. He combines his photos with short paragraphs on facing pages that relate to the images in interesting, unexpected ways. Really interesting.

                • Ah, sounds great. I just checked it in my online-bookstore and will ordere it in my real life bookstore. Thanks for the hint! The introduction I read had been very promising already. Something for the long dark evenings awaiting us.

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