Ein paar Schnappschüsse XIX

Leipzig 2022 P1270223

Leipzig 2022 P1300958

Leipzig 2022 P1310022

Leipzig 2022 P1280982

Leipzig 2022 P1310012

Leipzig 2022 P1310056

4 thoughts on “Ein paar Schnappschüsse XIX

  1. You wanted to be sure I was paying attention, didn’t you? I was, and even without the upside-down shadows, this would be a really nice post. The plastic bag in #2 is terrific – I didn’t see it at first. In #3, the grim expressions and masks contrast well with the huge stuffed giraffe – crazy! The people in the last photo seem to be communicating…
    I hope you’re enjoying spring, Karl.

    • Dear Lynn, the one with the plastic bag is the most important picture in the set. It contains so much mood of early spring in Leipzig. We moved a bit further on now. You’ll se that in the next post. Regards, Karl

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