Rom geht weiter

Rom 23_2 P1014940

Rom 23_2 P1015230

Rom 23_2 P1015324

Rom 23_2 P1015652

Rom 23_2 P1015197

Rom 23_2 P1014876


12 thoughts on “Rom geht weiter

  1. Beautiful tones here, Karl. And a lot of variety. The first photo is amazing – it was a great idea to photograph the people behind the water and the composition has such nice diagonals. #2,3 &4 all have a sense of fun but then there’s #5 – well, talk about the perfect moment, that was it! The final photo makes one think about people doing essentially the same things for so many years.

    • “The final photo makes one think about people doing essentially the same things for so many years.” – That’s is the charm of Rome, I guess 🙂

      Lynn, what happened to WordPress? I tried to publish something today the way I do since years. They forced me to download jetpack recently, for some new statistic tools, I thought. But now, all my tags are gone. Even worse, the possibility of tagging and compiling seems to be very well hidden somewhere. Did this happen to you as well? I’m too busy (and tired) to start everything from scratch again. 😦

      Regards Karl

      Some moments later: Sorry, it was false alarm. 🙂 WordPress tried, but they haven’t fooled me …

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