Am Wegesrand: Pfälzer Wald II

Pfälzer WaldPfälzer WaldPfälzer WaldPfälzer Wald

9 thoughts on “Am Wegesrand: Pfälzer Wald II

  1. I love rocks….that first one, wow, and then the third one – what is going on there? I guess it’s an old fortress built on a rock, and then part of the rock has worn away? Beautiful contrasts! Great composition. I like the leaf shadows on the big rock, and you found a lizard! That’s always fun, isn’t it? It makes you smile, right? I enjoy participating vicariously in your summer hikes, Karl. 🙂

    • Yes, it’s a medieval castle. The rocks seemed to be something organic and slightly threatening. The time and energy it needs to build their shapes is beyond imagination. That was my impression while being happy about the very decorative lizard. 😉

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