Am Wegesrand (Thüringer Wald)

Thüringer Wald P1012688

Thüringer Wald P1012789

Thüringer Wald P1012755

Thüringer Wald P1012698

Thüringer Wald P1012695

Thüringer Wald P1012704

Thüringer Wald P1012774

Thüringer Wald P1012726

Thüringer Wald P1012730

Thüringer Wald P1012748

Thüringer Wald P1012713

Thüringer Wald P1012710

Thüringer Wald P1012786


8 thoughts on “Am Wegesrand (Thüringer Wald)

  1. Terrific! You lined that first one up perfectly, very German of you. 😉
    I love the third photo because it looks like a sculpture installation. There are so many nice linkages here – #1 to #4 & #5, then #6 & #7 share a lot even though you might not see that at first. Even the horses are arranged in an oval in the middle of the frame, like the puddle. The glove on the sign is just perfect! I photographed a similar glove dropped on a quiet street in Seattle. Lost gloves…that could be a book title, right? The orange exclamation point on the fallen tree roots is puzzling. What was that about? I guess it was meant as a signal to the loggers.
    Another linkage is between the lost single glove and the single grave; both are quite poignant. And the hat, too! That hat makes a very amusing ending. Wonderful series! I’m glad you found all of these.

    • Dear Lynn, thank you so much for your insightful comment. My leading question was: What is going on here? It’s kind of a re-mystification, if there is an expression like that. 🙂 Giving hidden hints to linkages underlines my purpose. But well, a photographer shouldn’t ponder too much … Regards – Karl

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