Am Wegesrand: La Alpujarra V (2018)

La Alpujarra 2018 La Alpujarra 2018 La Alpujarra 2018 La Alpujarra 2018 La Alpujarra 2018 La Alpujarra 2018 La Alpujarra 2018 La Alpujarra 2018 La Alpujarra 2018 La Alpujarra 2018

2 thoughts on “Am Wegesrand: La Alpujarra V (2018)

  1. I missed this when you posted it…so I enjoyed it today, that’s good too, right? The third photo, with the old bedspring as a gate, wonderful. That’s a good example of street photography in the countryside. The fourth one amazes the American in me – the old, twisted streets and that vista just beyond. Really cool. I like the cow’s expression very much, and the isolated stone arch with the bell – I would have to bang on it, to hear it ring. What a fantastic old tree at the end! 🙂

    • Using old bedsprings is a certain andalusian styl to gate fields and meadows. A very clever way of recycling. People are used recycle everything. La Alpujarra had been a poor region in ancient days. Farmers had to work hard for a living. Nowadays al lot of people do use the old houses as holiday homes. But some enthusiasts still try to farm the terraced fields. You do find a very ingenious watering system. Its construction is reaching back into times when arabs did settle here. A lot of history … like always in Europe … 😉

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