Stadtmenschen IX


6 thoughts on “Stadtmenschen IX

  1. Alan and I are fans of yours, Karl. ­čÖé I want to add that the cobblestone patterns and the architecture contribute a lot to the last one too – but you must know that. I have to put in a vote for the third photo too – the torn posters work well with the spring blossoms, and the man is strange – he looks too small. It’s funny to see that O2 sign at the edge of the first photo along with the dog. You made me smile, Karl, and also made me feel nostalgic for Europe – maybe in spite of yourself. I hope December is a good month for you!

    • Dear Lynn, making you smile as one of my most trusty viewers is more, than I could expect. It’s always motivating to read that! At this point of the year I want to thank you for all your comments here at 125tel. What would it be without your constant hints and encouragement? Greetings from Leipzig – KU

      • Greetings to you too, Karl….I hope you have a good amount of time off to relax and enjoy the holiday. And please keep posting, you have a unique way of seeing that I enjoy! ­čÖé

  2. The first and fifth (cropped tighter) make a nice pair ­čÖé My favorite though is the last with the duo on the left and the man on the right each framed by a blank canvas in the background. Their purposeful gestures are perfect as well: One could almost believe that the dangling hand on the right is hoping to partake of the snack(?) being shared on the left.

    • Rising a leg in public is obviously very common among urban creatures. You have seen that with your sharp eye of an experienced observer. ­čśë Pictures of people carrying things are some kind of a no brainer in the street photography genre.
      Alan, I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I hope, we’ll meat here at wordpress as we do since years now. It’s always a pleasure to know you among my constant followers! Greetings from Leipzig – Karl

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