Da mal hingefahren: Erfurt

Erfurt 2022 P1013867

Erfurt 2022 P1013953

Erfurt 2022 P1013912

Erfurt 2022 P1013927

Erfurt 2022 P1013989

Erfurt 2022 P1014067


4 thoughts on “Da mal hingefahren: Erfurt

  1. Some excellent photos here, Karl! Can you tell me what that huge crane (or whatever it is) is for? What a happy coincidence that the colors match the colors the women in the third photo are wearing. And that guy is not going to get thirsty! So funny! The woman carries her cucumber so carefully…and the last photo is brilliant! Did you wait all day for that one? Just kidding. I like the first photo with the rose, too. Thanks for posting these, Karl, I enjoyed them.
    Ah – Joe just looked (he said “Very cool!”) and he thinks that’s a ride for a carnival. Right?

    • Joe got it! 🙂 It was a “Rummel” as we call it, a fair, close to the Erfurter Dom, that takes place every year. At the very end of the huge moving arm people are strapped to seats. They are flying around one axis and turning around another axis. I had the impression of a catapult being part of a siege against the Dom. 🙂 The last picture just proofs, three quarter of street-photography is luck (and walking). Have a nice day and regards to Joe! – Karl

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