Dies und das

dies und das P1005588

dies und das P1270981

dies und das P1014008

dies und das P1014134

dies und das P1013380

dies und das P1270761

dies und das P1013318

dies und das P1013433

dies und das P1013468

One thought on “Dies und das

  1. So many interesting finds! I like the complexity of the first photo, with people seen through a window and in reflection. The second one is brilliant. You asked her to pose, didn’t you? ­čśë (I know you didn’t). I like the color and randomness as well as the composition in #3. I wonder if someone will fix the building in #4 or if it’s the end of its long life. Is that a perfectly placed chimney shadow in #5? And did you ask them to pull down the blue shades in #6? ­čÖé #7 & #8 share that wonderful random moment feeling that you’re so good at showing. And the last photo is a nice ending, a note of loveliness.

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