Dies und das

dies und das P1005588

dies und das P1270981

dies und das P1014008

dies und das P1014134

dies und das P1013380

dies und das P1270761

dies und das P1013318

dies und das P1013433

dies und das P1013468

13 thoughts on “Dies und das

  1. So many interesting finds! I like the complexity of the first photo, with people seen through a window and in reflection. The second one is brilliant. You asked her to pose, didn’t you? ­čśë (I know you didn’t). I like the color and randomness as well as the composition in #3. I wonder if someone will fix the building in #4 or if it’s the end of its long life. Is that a perfectly placed chimney shadow in #5? And did you ask them to pull down the blue shades in #6? ­čÖé #7 & #8 share that wonderful random moment feeling that you’re so good at showing. And the last photo is a nice ending, a note of loveliness.

    • Dear Lynn, I’m back for blogging! There will be more “findings”. Some casually taken pictures. “That wonderful random moment feeling” is a very aptly and precise term for this series. More pictures are waiting to be published, while resting on my hard drive. I’m looking forward to take some more and new pictures. Using a camera for stills became very old school somehow … ­čśë Regards – Karl

      • Great! You have a very good sense of the beauty of random, odd moments in life. I’m always excited to see what you have done so I’m glad you’ll be posting more. Old school, new school, whatever, as long as it’s Karl’s school. ­čśë

        • Let’s take it this way: It’s old school but worth it. Have you ever tried some 4k filming our cameras are capable of? I have read these days, there is an increasing demand for used p&s cameras, because it’s becoming fashionable using their older sensors. Funny I guess. I still own some very, very, very old digital cameras: A Sigma DP1 and 2 and a Ricoh GX200. I used the latter recently just for fun. It is so slow! And my workflow regarding the color an b/w control did change a lot. But I’m not going to sell it! The GX200 guided me into digital photography. Well, History ­čÖé

          • It’s nice to hold onto some of those pieces of personal history and revisit them once in a while, as long as your home doesn’t get too crowded! ­čśë My first digital camera was a Sony something (sorry!) that used – can you believe it? – floppy discs! You could get maybe 4 shots on one disc. But that was the start of something big. I understand your not wanting to sell the GX200.
            There was a Canadian blogger (he’s no longer online) who collected old P&S cameras. He would buy them at thrift stores for $5US. He sent me one, an Olympus film camera, and it’s really quite nice. I managed to get a few good photos but it’s hard to like the waste of film from photos that are bad and the waiting! Still, there is something wonderful about the look of old-school film photos. Good talking to you!

            • I noticed recently, that carrying a camera these days is like driving a horse cart in the fifties. That causes an experience of being the last survivor of a long gone age. The people are looking at you as a dinosaur. ­čÖé Everyone, and I mean everyone, is using a smartphone right now. And there is another downside. The people are walking around like remotely controlled, glancing down on screens always. It’s a pity. And it’s boring to take pictures of them. Well, sufferings of a street photographer …

              • Yes, those are the sufferings of a street photographer. In parks, I still see people with cameras. I saw photos of people in a remote Peruvian village recently that showed people using their hands for basic tasks or just folding their hands in their laps. No smartphones, It was refreshing to see but how long will it be before that village is wired, too?

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