Landpartie XVII

Kohrener Land P1010656

Kohrener Land P1010650

Kohrener Land P1010568

Kohrener Land P1010699

Kohrener Land P1010723

Kohrener Land P1010624

Kohrener Land P1010651

Kohrener Land P1010571

Kohrener Land P1010578

Kohrener Land P1010711

8 thoughts on “Landpartie XVII

  1. Don’t tell me you have a drone now…no, I see a little bit of rock there so you must have climbed up for hat last one. The countryside photos have more meaning to me since I spent time in the countryside, driving from Koln to Essen, then to Hannover, and out to the village where my grandmother was born. I feel more connected now to this landscape – it’s nice. Love the reflections in the car roof, the shadows in #1 & 3, the kids playing – wonderful! – the roots, the tracks in the mustard in #2, the apple tree in #6. Did you wait for the woman in the last photo to reach the perfect spot? And look at that crazy roof with the solar panel – they must have rebuilt that roof. Everything is neat and tidy! ­čÖé Thank you, Karl, I enjoyed taking this tour through your eyes.

    • There is now drone in my gear park, I promise! I had to climb a castle rock… Some picture forces gym like action ­čÖé The picture with kids playing is my favorite too. It has so much to do with exploration and observation and joy of being part of the world on this side of any smartphone or computer screen – except the camera screen in my case. The rest is about spring colors. And yes, I had to wait for the women reaching the perfect spot. She made the picture. Lynn, I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. Regards – Karl

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