Die gelegentliche Anwesenheit der Tatsache des Schönen

Florenz Florenz Florenz Florenz Florenz Florenz Florenz Florenz Florenz Florenz

12 thoughts on “Die gelegentliche Anwesenheit der Tatsache des Schönen

  1. Man scrollt so durch die Serie und bleibt dann abrupt an Nr.5 hängen… sehr charmant 😉 Die Schönheit überdauert jede Zeit, da kann auch ein kreischender Feuerlöscher nix anhaben. Die schützende Umrandung im vorletzten Foto läßt die Statue fast schüchtern erscheinen, gleichzeitig wirken die Motive so erhaben, wahre Schönheit halt, der Rest ist nur Modern 😉
    LG kiki

      • Really! I’m always on the lookout for odd things like that and I’m sure you are, too. Sheets, tarps, etc. They are interesting themselves, and they usually indicate that something is in process, a change, which is also a big part of the charm, right?
        I saw a fantastic example last month near me, at a construction sight. The whole front wall of an ugly retail store was knocked out, so they hung huge opaque plastic sheeting over the front of the building. At night there were lights behind it, very dramatic and mysterious. But they put up tall chain link fencing all around, so how could I get a photo of it? Then the sheeting ripped to bits in the wind. Anyway, I know you would have loved that scene!

        • I totally agree. May be a short video could catch these scene best? Or you try to catch the atmosphere by taking some meaningful details. Alan is a master of doing so. Yes, light and sheets causes a certain mystery. It causes some welcome layers of various meanings. Because anyone knows, things are hidden only because of some renovation. But we as photographers create something more by searching for a certain play of light, some structures and patterns, some meaning, what so ever. It is humorous somehow 😉

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